To Meet People

Scott-Culiver-WebIn January 2006, my dad had a heart attack. At that point in my life, I was a fat, unhealthy and unhappy guy. I was 250 lbs. with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. At 44, I couldn’t walk upstairs without being out of breath. That day in January of 2006 changed my life and gave me a much needed wake up call to get healthier.

I joined Team 13 as a participant that summer and starting running. In 2008, just two years later, I joined the Team 13 volunteer ranks and have loved being a part of this tremendous program as a run/walk volunteer ever since. I love seeing people who start running and join the run/walk group, and then they blossom into runners going so much faster than they ever dreamed they could.

One of my favorite parts of Team 13 is the great friendships I have made over the years. Some of my dearest friends are part of the Team 13 family, and I love being part of the volunteers that bring everyone in after each night’s activities.

This Is Y.

– Scott Culiver
Team 13 Volunteer