Pace Teams

Pace Teams help you run your personal best and achieve your specific time goals by providing extra motivation and support at the Evansville Half Marathon.  Pace Team Leaders are experienced runners who have run numerous half marathons and full marathons and have been assigned based on times that are slower than their personal best, giving them and you the best chance of realizing your goals.

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Why should I join a Pace Team Leader? This is a fun way to stick with a group and target a specific time goal. Pace Team Leaders are experienced marathoners who will encourage you throughout the race and help you achieve your performance goal.

How were the Pace Team Leaders selected?  Each pacer was selected based on ability to cover the distance within a certain time as well as to motivate others with their outgoing personalities.  All are experienced marathoners who have a deep knowledge of endurance training and have run half marathons and/or marathons within the previous year that were substantially faster than the pace group they are leading.

What is the cost to join a Pace Team Leader?   Running with a Pace Team Leader is FREE!  To join a Pace Team Leader, you are encouraged to sign up at the registration table at the Expo. Pace Team Leaders will be at the booth to answer questions about pace strategy, how to locate them at the start line and to answer general questions about the program. There is no cost to participate.

What are the finish times available for the Pace Team Leaders?  1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00, and 3:15 Run/Walk.

What Pace Team Leader should I join?  You should choose a pace that reflects your training and ability level and allows you to run/walk at a comfortable pace throughout the half marathon. If you can’t decide between two paces (for example 2:10 and 2:20), it is recommended that you start with the slower pace as you can always pick it up later in the race. 

What will the pace strategy be throughout the race?  Pace team leaders will maintain even splits throughout the entire race. This is the most efficient way to run/walk a half marathon as it prevents you from going too fast or too slow. If in the first few miles the pace is slow due to the crowds or the early uphill portions, Pace Team Leaders will not go more than 15 seconds per mile faster than the established pace until they gradually get back on pace.

How will I find my Pace Team Leader on race morning?  Pace Team Leaders will line up in the starting corrals 10 minutes ahead of start time. The Pace Team Leaders will be holding large signs marked with their corresponding finish time and they will be wearing pacer shirts. These will be bright colored shirts (neon green and neon orange) with the time that they are pacing marked clearly on them. During the race, Pace Team Leaders will carry the signs marked with the finish time they are pacing.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?  Pace Team Leaders will not plan any bathroom breaks during the race and will not wait for you. If you need to use the bathroom, it is suggested that you run ahead of the your team before breaking to use the bathroom, then jump back in with the team or catch up to them.

How does the Pace Team Leader handle drinking at the Aid Stations?  Each pace team leader will take water from every aid station to ensure that athletes remain well hydrated throughout the race.  Most pace teams will slow down but will not walk through the aid stations. (Please feel free to discuss this with your pacer before the start or at the Expo).

Do I have to stay with my Pace Team Leader throughout the race?  No, athletes are welcome to use the pace team leaders for whichever portion of the race they think it will help them the most. You can go ahead or drop back at any time.

Do Pace Team Leaders go by clock time or chip time?  Chip time.  Pace team leaders will start their watches at the start line as they cross the chip timing mats.