Military Service Discount

The YMCA of Southwestern Indiana is excited to continue our continued partnership with Ameriqual to help pay the race entry fee for our military personnel. The first 150 active, retired, reserve, or veteran military who register online will be eligible for the discounted rate of $25 for the Evansville Half Marathon and $65 for the Series and $85 for the Series+Team 13. The Series+Team 13 is a limited time offer and expires 3/31/21.

To register with this sponsorship, you must register online and enter the code USA2021. Please be advised that you will be required to present your DD214 paperwork or a valid military photo ID prior to the race or you will pay the balance of your entry fee at packet pick up.

When you register as military personnel through this program, you’ll receive a special bib that recognizes you as a USA military service person. You’ll also receive a special race shirt and your own registration line at packet pick up.

For more information or to submit your DD214 paperwork, please email Matt Gray.

Thank you for your service!

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“The military discount is more than just a discount to me.  It is a sign of unity, strength and loyalty. I am proud to pin on that special bib, look forward to it even. I search for others wearing the bib, knowing they feel the same way I do, proud of our country, ready to lay down my life for this country and the people who live here.  As I run the marathon, I proudly display the bib as if it were an American flag and puff out my chest a bit when someone shouts out “Thank you!”.  It is the most prestigious bib I have the honor of wearing all year.”

– 2019 Half Marathon Military Participant

“I love that the Evansville Half Marathon honors former and current military service members with such an amazing discount. I know for certain that Evansville’s National Guard has deployed many times overseas to defend our country in years past. I’m not sure how many of those service members take advantage of the discount but I know running and fitness are healthy alternatives for some of those service members who have had a hard time adjusting. My husband specifically has deployed twice with Evansville’s 163rd unit. He has been to several funerals for soldiers who have taken their life because they haven’t found a way to adjust after coming home. I think continuing to honor our servicemen and women with discounts is an incredible way of saying thank you.”

– 2019 Half Marathon Military Participant