Course | Spectators Guide

Want to be a spectator by car?

  • The beginning of both races will stay in the Downtown area. Parking in Mickey’s Kingdom will give you the opportunity to see your participant twice. Please note, you will need to be in this location before 6:30 am and will need to remain there until the completion of all participants through that area.
  • N Main St is also a great place to cheer on racers. Arriving from the east will give you the best access to the course. This will be between miles 5 and 6.

Want to be a spectator by foot and leave your car parked?

  • Hang out near the starting line with your loved ones.  When it’s time for the race, take your place along Riverside Drive to cheer them on at the start.
  • After giving the athletes a proper send off, head toward 3rd Street. You can catch them anywhere between Mulberry and Main Street.
  • If your loved one is participating in the 5 Miler, head up Main St and find a spot on the walk way. Your athlete will be headed towards the finish soon! Take a moment to stop in one of our local Main St businesses for coffee or shop for local goods.
  • If you want to provide support further in to the course, head all the way down to Main Street and catch them on Main between 3rd and MLK.
  • Now you have a little time to re-group and head back toward Riverside Drive. Our athletes will emerge from the Greenway and be headed to the finish on the riverfront.