To Finish Something

Karen-Gerbig-WebI thought “Half Marathon at my age?  Are you crazy?” I recall on more than one occasion thinking “I can’t do this, or I can’t go any further!” And I recall more than one time a Team 13 volunteer telling me, “Yes, you can!” or “Way to go!”

I would never have completed the Team 13 training, much less the Half Marathon without the volunteers and friends encouraging me each and every week.  Team 13 helped me succeed in my goal to complete my first Half Marathon back in 2009.

I can remember my first year at the beginning of training. “We’re doing 3 or 4 mile? Oh, no,” I would think, but by the end of training, my mindset had changed. I thought, “we’re only doing 3 or 4 miles today?”

I had volunteers come back to walk with me, keep me focused, keep me motivated and to make sure that I didn’t quit.  There was even one volunteer that find me way in the back, prior to the finish line, dragging and totally exhausted. “Are you going to let a pregnant girl finish in front you?” he urged.  Somehow, somewhere I found the motivation and courage from within.  At that moment, my pace improved and all doubt disappeared.  I gave it all I had!  And I finished in front of the pregnant girl even though she was half my age.

My first half marathon wasn’t about the finish line, but the fact that I completed it.  At times it was not easy.  Sometimes it’s very hard, but the feeling I had after my first half marathon is indescribable.  I’ve improved my times on some races, but not all of them.  I’ve lost some weight and gained plenty of confidence, courage, and most of all friends.

October 4th will be my 10th half marathon.

This is Y.

– Karen Gerbig
Team 13 Walker