Relay Teams

Team: Relay teams should consist of two or three members. If your team is two members, one person will have to run two consecutive legs of the relay. Hand offs will only be allowed at exchange stations.

Exchange Stations: Exchange station number one will be on the corner of Third Street and Mulberry Street. Exchange station number two will be at Garvin Park near the entrance to the Greenway. Teams are responsible for transporting runners to and from transition points. Bussing will NOT be provided. Relay teams must exchange the Timing Chip with the next runner in the transition area. The relay runner who is running the last leg must cross the finish line holding the baton with the timing chip enclosed. No chip, no time, no exception. The final runner will also collect medals for his or her team at the finish.

Exchange Station #1 is within walking distance from the start/finish. Exchange Station #2 will have parking available in the Bosse Field lot or on the street outside the park. It is recommended that the person finishing that leg drive back near the YMCA to park and walk to the finish.  Your bib must be worn on the front of your body.  Exchange Stations will have water and a Port a Potty near by. All runner’s are welcome to any food or drink at the finish line.

Team Captain: Each team must have a captain. The team captain will be responsible for registering the entire team. You will need each members name, address, email, date of birth, age, and phone number when registering. If you are registering by mail, please enclose all three entry forms in one envelope. There will be no race day registration. The team captain will also be responsible for picking up packets and timing chip for the team.

Team Categories: Men, Women, Mixed, Master’s Men, Master’s Women, Master’s Mixed (All members on Masters team must be age 40 or older)

Awards will be given to the top team in each category.

Relay Team Requirements: Half Marathon rules apply. The following items are not allowed on the course: bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, wagons or motorized vehicles. No dogs. No unregistered runners.  Relay teams must be able to finish within the course time limit of 4.5 HOURS. This means that each relay team member must be able to maintain a sub-20 minute per mile pace.

Only one team member may cross the finish line. This person must be carrying the Timing Chip in order for the team to receive an official time.

Relay Registration Fee: Early $125 – Late $150 – Race Weekend $170

Your Fee Includes: Quality long sleeved technical shirt and finisher’s medal for each member of the team.

Relay Legs: Leg #1 will be 4.5 miles. The first runner will start along the river and wind through several downtown neighborhoods before handing off the baton at the corner of Third and Mulberry.

Leg #2 will be 4 miles. The second runner will leave the downtown area and head to Garvin Park. After winding through the park, runner two will hand off just before the entrance to the Greenway.

Leg #3 will be 4.6 miles. Your third runner will travel the Greenway before exiting to head back in to the downtown area. Once the third leg has reached Riverside Drive, it will be a straight shot to the finish line near the Four Freedoms Monument.

Distances for each leg are approximate.